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Brendan Howley

Brendan Howley

The creator of OpenMediaDesk® (OMD) and a former CBC TV investigative data journalist specializing in war crimes and intelligence matters, Brendan has worked in nearly all media, from radio drama to broadcast documentary to feature film to digital media and branded content strategist for Fortune 500 clients and progressive non-profits in the US and Canada.

He was a volunteer participant in what may well be the first attempt to combine data and storytelling in a rigorous fashion, the US-UK project to gather, database and contextualize over 15,000 atrocity eyewitness testimonies in Bosnia and Croatia in 1993. This database became the evidentiary underpinnings of the war crimes prosecutions against accused paramilitaries, politicians and military staff from Former Yugoslavia at The Hague.

At present Brendan is project lead on the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries’ OMD project, a two-year initiative to bring cutting edge social media content creation to public libraries as community media hubs. Equal parts high creative and digital technologist, Brendan is collaborating with McMaster University’s social sciences faculty to build a context engine, which yields strategic scenarios from patterns in emerging stories—from cancer patients to sports fans—called AnalytUX.

His latest screenplay, LUCYLIGHT, a comedy set on an imaginary island off the East Coast in December, 1939, co-written with actor-writer Sheila McCarthy, has been nominated for the $25,000 Daryl Duke Prize, Canada’s leading screenwriting award.

Brendan is a long-time resident of Stratford, Ontario, the father of three, and plans to drive the 22,000 miles from Anchorage to Tierra del Fuego in a 4x4 in 2018 with his son. 

The trek will use public libraries en route as community hubs to visit with indigenous peoples from the Dené of the High Arctic to the Amaya of the Argentinian altiplano, to document the myths, music, dance and oral  histories of the natural world for both a digital work and a book for Random House on global climate disruption, to be published in 2019.



Daniel P. Lee, MLIS

Daniel P Lee

Daniel is an accomplished professional who thrives where data, information and knowledge converge to support better decision making as a competitive advantage.

Daniel has more than 15 years’ experience working nationally and globally with management consulting firms, universities and professional associations including Deloitte, PwC, KPMG, the University of Toronto and the Special Libraries Association.

Daniel is multi-lingual (English, Spanish, Portuguese, improving on French) and an active community leader with a passion for and success in advancing the technology skills of librarians, knowledge management and information professionals.

Daniel is known as @yankeeincanada on social media.