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Icebox Logic



Audience Activation.




Icebox Logic. It's that sweet moment when you're standing in front of the open fridge and you see the problem you've been stewing over clearly. Possibly accompanied by mint-chocolate-chip ice cream.


So What?

We bring crystal clear insight to your organization and its stakeholders. Founded by a team that includes award-winning investigative journalists, data scientists, storytellers, knowledge managers, and digital communication experts, we do two things: we create actionable intelligence from your audience's data and we show you how to tell effective stories in a digital world.

Now What?

We offer three things:

OpenMediaDesk (OMD) is a 6-week online course designed to teach you to activate and mobilize audiences, to get people to actually *do* something.

AnalytUX is a data engine that takes in audience data and spits out actionable intelligence based on archetypes.

The Library Digital Relevancy Index is a digital scorecard that allows organizations to drive continuous improvement in their digital relevancy.

Not sure where to start?

"If you want to grow community networks through storytelling, you have to build stories people want to share."



Is OpenMediaDesk®  for you?

Are you trying to engage your communities and not merely tell them about your resources and programs?

Are you looking to use social media to create measurable community engagement?

Does your marketing team need a crash course on how to master storytelling and social media communication?



From data to strategy

From strategy to culture change

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